Action: External antiparasitic – Insecticide.


Action: External antiparasitic – Insecticide.

Comp.: Cypermethrin 5 g; Diclorvos 2 g; Piperonyl Butoxide 3 g, Formulation agents q.s. 100 ml. Ind.:

Ind.: Control and elimination of instars of many pediculoses of: bovines, horses, ovines and swine. Against biting and bloodsucking Diptera. Efficient against horn fly.

Dosage: For bovines and equines: 10 ml. every 150 Kg b.wt. Ovines and swine: less than 50 kg b.wt., 5 ml; less than 70 kg, 7 ml . Administer by pouring the product along the backbone line (between shoulder and tail base) on the animals to be treated. Pres.: 1 lt bottles. 5 lt pouring cans.