Action: Antipyretic – Stimulant


Action: Antipyretic – Stimulant

Comp.: Acetylsalicilic Acid 23 g, Caffeine 2.5 g, Sodium Sulfate 9 g, Potassium Sulfate 8 g, Dextrose 15 g, Dye R.P.B. 0.05 g, Excipients q.s. 100 g

Ind.: For toxic or infectious disease with hyperthermia, heat shock, or excessive body temperature from post-vaccine reactions.

Dosage: Oral: for birds, bovines, equines, swine, ovines and rabbits. Therapeutic dosage: in drinking water 1/2 to 1 g per lt. In feed 2 to 3 g per kg Prophylactic dosage: in drinking water 1/8 to 1/4 g per lt. In feed 1/2 to 1 g per kg In individual takes for equines, bovines and swine, 1 g every 15 to 30 kg b.wt. Pres.: 5 and 10 kg drums.