Action: Internal and External Antiparasitic.


Comp.: Closantel 15 gr., Exip. c.s. 100 ml.

Ind.: Oral Administration an only dose with dosage pistol. Gastrointestinales parasites and Saguaypé: 1 ml/15 kg of weight. (10 mg/ kpv). External parasites: Sucking Ura, Lice, and Miasis: 2 ml/15-20 kg of weight. (20-15mg/kpv). Gastrointestinales parasites, Saguaypé: 1 ml/15 kg of weight. (10 mg/kpv). Worm of the nose: 2 ml/15 kg of weight. (20 mg/kpv). External parasites: Sucking lice and Miasis: 1ml/10 kg of weight. (15mg/kpv).
Repetition of the treatment: Gastrointestinales parasites, Saguaypé, Ura, Miasis and Worm of the Nose: to repeat the treatment according to the infection pressure, time of incidence, moment of use, situation epidemiologist or to criterion of the operating veterinary doctor. Sucking lice: in severe infestations to repeat to the 21 days. Suspension of the treatment before the sacrifice: 15 days. Not to administer in animals in milks when milk has as destiny the consumption or industrialization.

Pres.: Bottles by 1lt, Knapsack by 3 lts, Can by 5lts.